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YOKE CHIN has practiced and taught the Yang style of Tai Chi in the tradition of Master Huang Shen Shyan for over 40 years, in Australia, Europe and Japan. Co-founder in 1987 of Tai Chi Works, in 2015 she founded her own school, CLOUD HANDS TAI CHI. This includes her work and practice with Energy Arts, Bruce Frantzis.


Students of all levels are welcome


Tai Chi is a physical and spiritual art that embodies the ancient wisdom of Chinese Taoist philosophy.  Physically undemanding, it works with the life energy of the universe (Chi, or Qi) to deepen our connection both to ourselves and to the world around us.


Tai Chi is the gentlest of the Eastern martial arts, in which strength lies in softness, and true power is attained through joining one's energy to the energy that flows through all things.


Tai Chi is one of the few disciplines that people of all ages can practice together. Depth of skill and understanding will only increase with age, whether it is practiced as a martial art, a spiritual path, or a means to attain true health and wellbeing.


Tai Chi can change your life.

Tai Chi Students in class
 Grand Master Cheng Man Ching

For bookings call Yoke  
0415 174 957
or email


Calligraphy images © Yoke Chin

Spirit : Shen
Cloud: Yun
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