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I began my Tai Chi study with Yoke in Japan in 1980, and practiced with her in Kyoto for close to ten years before circumstances took us to different parts of the world. Yoke's Tai Chi has stayed with me as a strong practice through the years since, and whenever I visit Sydney I return to her for instruction and renewal. Because of geographical distance, I have found myself practicing with different Tai Chi groups and teachers over the intervening years, but I have never come across any other Tai Chi with the power, depth, centredness and integrity of Yoke's. What she has taught and continues to teach me is of inestimable value in my life.

Meredith McKinney


I have been attending tai chi and qigong classes with Yoke Chin for approximately eighteen months.  I first considered tai chi as an alternative to yoga when I developed chronic inflammatory back pain.  I have found it hugely helpful, not only for my pain, but for my general health and state of mind.  Yoke is a true master.  Her depth of knowledge and passion for tai chi and its healing and health giving properties are immeasurable, and are demonstrated in every aspect of how she teaches and, indeed, how she lives her life.  In her view, tai chi is, indeed, a life choice - it is about the integration of mind, spirit and body and much, much more.  She conducts her classes with great wisdom and attention to detail, is immensely caring of her students, and will go out of her way to help them. Classes are gentle, serene and often approach the level of moving meditations.  You can arrive at class feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the day's pressures, but you will always leave calmer, more flexible, and in a peaceful and loving state of mind.  In addition, Yoke creates a real sense of community, shared humour and mutual care and support among her students.  I hope she continues teaching for a very long time!

Sue Smith


Taichi comes with many health benefits - both physically, and psychologically. It has helped train me in mindfulness and discipline, and also helped me focus on being coordinated with my mind and body, and posture. What I've learn in Yoke's taichi classes, I've been able to take away and integrate with my daily routine. She tailors the lesson to each individual's level of training and knowledge, and is patient and targeted in the delivery of her teachings. Thoroughly recommended.

Yu-Tang Shen


I have been a tai chi student of Yoke's for the past five years. This training has been invaluable in a number of ways. It has deepened my already established meditation practice, especially in relation to working with my body. Tai chi has improved my physical flexibility as well as strength and balance.

Yoke's extensive knowledge of tai chi and her ability to impart this knowledge has been of key importance for me. Above all, her deep level of commitment to her students is both inspiring and very moving.

Jim Pescud


Jim Pescud in a Tai Chi class

Yoke has been my tai chi/chi gong teacher for more than five years. She offers the rigour of  traditional training, combined with an approach that is individualised for each student. When I arrived at her class I was in pain from years of doing a desk job, combined with little body awareness. By degrees she is enabling me to bring my body into alignment. I feel stronger and more lively, my balance is better, and  the headaches that were so much a part of my life have gone. I love doing the standing and the Chen Man-Ch'ing form, and for me the classes are meditation practice.

Gillian Hewitt

I recently completed medicine Tiger and Dragon Qi Gong workshop with Yoke. It was an eye-opening experience to work with the energy of the body and the natural energies in this way. Yoke is clearly an expert in this area. She was attentive and exacting. It has altered the way I relate with my body, influencing how I stand and move and my general sense of well-being physically and mentally. She is a sensitive and supportive teacher, and the energy work has helped with my healing process after an injury.

Angela B. Neuropsychologist 

Yoke has been leading a weekly Qigong class at our day program for adults with disabilities for almost a year now. Yoke is patient and persistent in her teaching and adapts the movements to suit our participant’s needs. The group are significantly calmer and engaged after completing their weekly class and over time we have noticed a marked improvement in their ability to concentrate throughout the hour session. Yoke has helped us to deepen our knowledge about Qigong is always open to questions. Both our clients and the staff who join them look forward to finding stillness in their Qigong class every Monday! I would highly recommend Yoke’s teachings as a way to relax the body and mind and move towards overall well-being.

Kelsie Morley, Day Programs Supervisor at Windgap

Yoke with her disabilities students.jpg

I had something happen I want to share with you.

Last weekend I slipped on some moldy concrete and landed on my hip with my hand hitting down as well. I got up, went to the bathroom, and focused ki on the area that would normally be stiff or bruised later on while in the shower doing standing practice in alignment as we do. I also released the part that wanted to judge the incident and was very gentle with myself, not letting the critical thoughts manifest. After a while, I got into a bath (which happened to have onsen water in it) and soaked. Then I went down and was with friends during the evening. I had no pain or stiffness the next day! Also, no bruises. Not a trace. I know that intention is very important. Often I feel trapped in thought, but in this case, it was quite clear where I should guide the energy. I want to thank you for helping me along this incredible path. I realize this is only the start…Sarah, Kyoto, Japan

I have been a student of Yoke’s for a number of years, training in tai chi – Qigong. 

Recently I contracted Covid which had me bed ridden for about four days. Soon after this acute period I undertook each day a period of standing Qigong and Dragon and Tiger Qigong. As my energy levels were still depleted these sessions were only for about 30 minutes initially, then up to 45 minutes within a week or so.

It was very evident to me that the Qigong practice helped in my recovery. By the end of each session I would feel energised and relaxed and this would carry over through the day.

During Covid and for a number of weeks afterwards I experienced what is called ‘restless legs’, the feeling of having trapped energy in the legs and other parts of the body. This is very uncomfortable and causes one to tense up. The only way I found to ease and even stop these sensations was to do a period of standing Qigong and circling hands practice.

I’m so grateful to have had the use of Qigong through my Covid infection and the week of its ongoing effects.

I must thank Yoke for her Qigong training and advice which has, I believe, enabled me to better deal with the effects of Covid as well for the betterment of my overall health.Jim Hewitt

I’ve been a student of Yoke’s for more than ten years. Regular tai chi/chi gong practice has helped align my body, resulting in greater ease of movement and reduced pain and discomfort. In addition, I’ve become aware of the remarkable benefits of being able to move energy increasingly smoothly and freely throughout my body.

 Recently, when I was recovering from Covid, it was clear that my daily practice of standing followed by Dragon and Tiger helped to rebalance and strengthen my body. Tai chi and chi gong are of enormous benefit to me and I’m most grateful to Yoke for her thorough and dedicated teaching.  Gill Hewitt….Gill Hewitt

Yoke Chin's Qi Gong classes are a transformative experience. Her warm and inclusive teaching style, coupled with a deep understanding of Qi Gong, make her classes both accessible and enriching. Yoke's commitment extends beyond the class, offering continuous support and resources. Her passion and dedication to her students are truly commendable. If you're seeking a path to improved physical and mental well-being, I wholeheartedly recommend Yoke Chin's classes. 

Spiritual Program Coordinator
Vajrayana Institute


Tao - Dao

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